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Sheldon Salmon therapist
Sheldon Salmon Therapist

Mentor & Massage Therapist

About him

Sheldon is our licensed massage therapist and mentor, who combines his expertise in manual therapy with corrective exercise to provide clients with the best results possible. Whether dealing with an injury or just seeking a full-body reset, Sheldon is dedicated to helping clients feel their best. With his gentle and soothing demeanor, Sheldon creates a peaceful and tranquil environment for clients to relax in. He uses his calming presence and expert touch to ease tension and rejuvenate the body, ensuring clients return to training feeling as good as new. Whether you're in need of therapeutic care or simply seeking to refresh your body and mind, Sheldon is here to help

Did you know..

Sheldon is





In his free time, Sheldon loves to indulge in his two favorite hobbies: watching Formula 1 racing and football. He's a huge fan of both sports and spends countless hours following the latest races and matches. When he's not watching sports, Sheldon can be found enjoying a good nap or indulging in some finger food. He's got a particular love for foods that can be eaten with his hands, and he's always looking for new recipes to try. Whether he's watching sports, sleeping, or eating, Sheldon is always finding new ways to have fun and enjoy life.

Fun Fact..

In his free time, Sheldon is a passionate birdwatcher and has even traveled to remote locations around the world to catch a glimpse of rare species. He has a vast collection of bird-related books, binoculars, and even a bird call whistle that he uses to attract different species

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