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Santiago Soto Zapata Filmmaker

Santiago Soto Zapata


About him

Santiago is a multifaceted creative force, not only a visionary filmmaker but also a passionate and devoted multi business owner who will never say no to an opportunity that allows him to expand and grow. With an innate ability to set the mood and elevate any atmosphere, Santi brings his cinematic flair to the world he lives in and can incorporate the lessons he's learned from past experiences to create solutions. Whether he's crafting immersive soundtracks for his films or understanding the current needs for a project, Santiago's passion for his entrepreneurial dreams shines through. Just as he weaves narratives on screen, his boundless creativity and unwavering dedication allows him to connect with others in hope of bringing their visions into reality. He is a true artist, leaving an indelible mark on both the visual and auditory realms of expression.

Did you know..

Santi is

SUNY Oswego Alumni

NCAA D2/D3 Soccer Player for NYIT and Oswego

Data Analyst at Stamford Health


Electronic music aficionado, salsa dancer, and lover of growth. When he's not spinning tunes, he's hanging out with his girlfriend, soaking up life's experiences, and perfecting his salsa moves, fueled by his Colombian heritage.

Fun Fact..

Santiago, between shooting films and spinning beats, moonlights as a salsa dance instructor for pets, claiming he can teach any dog to mambo like a pro.

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