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Michael Carew Head of Personal Training

Michael Carew

Director of Group Fitness

& Personal Training

About him

Once you meet Mike and are greeted by his smile, you will understand why being trained by him is special. His constant energy and enthusiasm will make you want to train harder in every workout. He is a true expert and we promise you that with his guidance you will achieve anything you set out to.

Did you know..

Mike is




Mike is a man of many passions, with a love for Jiu-Jitsu and a fondness for long walks on the beach with his wife and dog. He is a dedicated practitioner of martial arts, always striving to improve and perfect his techniques. At the same time, he finds peace and relaxation in nature, enjoying the serene beauty of the beach with his loved ones. Whether it's on the mat or on the sand, Mike is a true lover of life and all that it has to offer.

Fun Fact..

Mike is a huge fan of cookies, but he doesn't let his love for them affect his fitness goals. He bakes his own healthy version of cookies using whole wheat flour, natural sweeteners, and protein powder. He shares them with his clients as a treat after a hard workout session.

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