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María José López Hernández

María José López Hernández

Marketing Intern

About her

María José is a dynamic marketer with a passion for storytelling and brand building. Her journey in marketing began with a fascination for consumer behavior and creative communication. Over the years, she has honed her skills in digital strategy and content creation, driving impactful campaigns.

María José thrives on crafting compelling narratives and engaging content that resonate with audiences. Her goal is to elevate the brand's presence and create meaningful connections. She brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge, ensuring every campaign reflects the brand's values and vision.

Join María José on this exciting marketing journey, where each project is an opportunity to create something extraordinary. With her strategic insight and creative passion, she is dedicated to driving success and making a lasting impact. You can reach out to her and ask her about anything fun you want to talk about!

Did you know..

María José is..

Is a camp counselor in Mexico

She used to played volleyball

She played basketball


Outside of the office, María José finds joy in exploring the culinary delights of her city. From discovering hidden cookies to sampling street food, she embraces the vibrant food culture and enjoys every flavorful adventure.

Fun Fact..

María José once organized a flash mob in the middle of a busy city square, perfectly choreographed to the tune of "Dancing Queen"!


Okay, maybe not, but she does have a talent for creating unforgettable strategies, connect writh new people and keep learning everyday!!

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