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Brand Manager

About him

Fran is a driven and dynamic individual who is passionate about his work as the Brand Manager of AltaFit. With a keen eye for creativity and a natural talent for strategy, Fran is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve the brand and the overall experience for everyone involved with Altafit, including members, crew, and partners. Fran's hardworking nature and determination to succeed have made him a valuable asset to the team, and his colleagues admire his dedication and commitment to the company's goals. He is always striving to push the boundaries and take the brand to new heights, and his drive and passion are contagious, inspiring others to work hard and achieve great things together.

Did you know..

Fran is

University MH, Business Management

European Design Institute, Master Brand Management

Masterbrand, Brand Strategy

The Power MBA Digital Marketing

CrossFit CL1 Certificated


Fran is a highly motivated individual who never stops exploring new interests and activities, even in his free time. He is constantly developing new projects and taking courses to expand his knowledge and skills. When Fran is not working, he loves to travel with his girlfriend Sarita and experience new cultures and adventures. He is also an avid CrossFit enthusiast and values keeping himself physically fit. In his quiet moments, Fran can be found curled up with a good book, immersing himself in a new story and learning something new. Whether he is pushing his limits in the gym, exploring the world, or delving into a new subject, Fran is always looking for ways to grow and improve himself.

Fun Fact..

The last 72 hours at his country, 4 years ago, were spent on a sailboat earning his yacht captain title, a title he has yet to use. I wouldn't be surprised if Fran has a map on his wall with little pins marking all the places he's eager to explore by sea. Maybe one day he'll even let us join him on his seafaring adventures and we can finally call him Captain Fran!

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