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  1. $500.00 yearly credit toward training (must be spread out over 6 months).

  2. Free nutrition consultation + Effortless nutrition program.

  3. Monthly testing to track results. 

  4. Online testing profile to track / share progress and results. 

  5. Free merchandise whenever it is released.

  6. Customized programming tailored to the athlete's needs. 

  7. Access to the ALTAFIT network.

    1. Physical Therapists

    2. Orthopedics Specialists

    3. Mental Edge Coach

    4. Massage Therapists

    5. Nutrition/Meal Prep Specialist


  1. Committed or actively being recruited to play collegiate sports. 

  2. Ability to train 2 x per week for a minimum of 6 months of the year.

  3. Maintain a B average. 

  4. Active member within ALTAFIT. 

  5. Willingness to learn, be coached and have fun.

  6. ALTALETE Branding on social media pages.

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