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CrossFit Coach

Zach Caruso

CrossFit Mentor

About him

Zach, our CrossFit mentor, is a highly attentive individual who consistently prioritizes the needs and well-being of each member in his class. He is known for his kind and approachable demeanor, making him a beloved coach among the CrossFit community. With his dedication to ensuring that everyone feels supported and encouraged, Zach creates a positive and inclusive environment in which individuals can push themselves to their fullest potential.

Did you know..

Zach is




In his free time, Coach Zach is a passionate fitness enthusiast. He regularly hits the gym to stay in top physical shape and unwinds on the rugby field, where he's an avid player. His dedication to an active lifestyle and his love for rugby make him an inspiring figure when he's not coaching.

Fun Fact..

When he's not coaching or hitting the gym, Coach Zach moonlights as a volunteer firefighter in Greenwich. He's the kind of guy who tackles opponents on the rugby field and tackles fires off it - a true all-around "fireball" of a person!

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