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Basic CrossFit Terms

AFAP - As Fast As Possible

AHAP - As Heavy As Possible

AMRAP - As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible

BW - Body weight

Box: Space, gym or center where CrossFit is practiced.

Cal: Calories.

Chipper: A workout with many repetitions and many movements.

CrossFit: Functional training, constantly varied, performed at high intensity.

CrossFitter: Person who practices CrossFit.

EMOM - Every Minute on the Minute: Complete a certain number of repetitions within each minute.

False Grip: A type of grip used in gymnastics movements, especially on rings. It is performed by placing the hand in the ring until the wrist touches it, wrapping the fingers around the ring.

For Quality: When the time it takes to perform the movement doesn't matter, but rather the technique and quality of the movement.

For Time: Means, do your workout and finish as soon as possible.

Hook Grip: A type of grip used in weightlifting movements to improve stability and provide greater safety. It involves using the thumb as a hook to grip the bar, while the rest of the fingers wrap around the thumb.

MetCon - Metabolic Conditioning:

PR - Personal record

Rep: Repetition.

Rest Day: Day you take to rest your body.

RM - Repetition maximum: Maximum weight that an individual can lift.


ROM - Range of Motion

Rx’d - As prescribed: Workout or exercise performed correctly without any modifications.

Scaled: Modified or scaled exercise.

Set: Number of times a certain number of repetitions is performed. For example, 4 sets of 5 reps.

TABATA: Type of training consisting of 8 intervals of 20 seconds of intense work and 10 seconds of rest. Its name comes from the creator of this method, Dr. Izumi Tabata.

Time Cap: The time limit a WOD has to be completed.

UB - Unbroken: When an exercise is performed from start to finish without a break.

WOD - Workout of the day

Materials / equipment for CrossFit

Abmat: Pad to support the lumbar when doing sit-ups.

AssBike: Assault bike.

Barbell: Olympic bar.

Bikerg: Exercise bike

DB - Dumbbell: Dumbbell.

KB - Kettlebell: Russian weight.

Ring: Rings used to perform gymnastic movements.

Rack: Metallic structure to do the different gymnastics exercises: pull-ups, T2B, etc.

Row: Rowing

Skierg: Skier

CrossFit Movements and their Abbreviations

Arch Rock: Superman position balancing.

BS - Back Squat: Squat with weight behind the neck.

BP - Bench Press.

Box Jump: Jump onto a box.

BRP - Burpee.

CLN: Clean: Clean and jerk. Consists of lifting a weight from the floor to the shoulders. Additional versions include: Hang Clean (HC) (Clean from knees), Power Clean (PC), and Squat Clean (SC).

C&J - Clean and Jerk: The combination of performing a clean and then a jerk.

CTB / C2B - Chest to Bar: Pull-ups where you have to touch the bar with your chest.

DL - Deadlift: Lift a weight from the ground to full hip extension.

DU's - Double Unders: Two turns of the jump rope in one jump.

FS -Front Squat: Squat with weight in front of the body.

Hang: Hanging. In weightlifting movements, it is used when the movement (clean or snatch) starts from the knee or above it.

Hollow: A functional exercise that consists of lying on your back, with your legs and arms extended (arms back and beside the head) and lifted off the ground, contracting the abdominal area.

Hollow Rock: Balancing in a hollow position.

HSPU - Hand Stand Push-Up

K2E - Knees to Elbows: Hang on the bar and bring your knees to your elbows.

MU - Muscle Up: Combined movements that chain a swing with a Triceps dip (can be on rings or on a bar).

OHS - Over Head Squat: Squat with weight above the head.

Pistol: One-legged squat.

PP - Push Press: Shoulder press with push. Consists of lifting the bar from your shoulders to above your head with a leg drive to push it up. The movement ends with strict shoulder force.

PJ - Push Jerk: Press with a jerk. Consists of lifting the bar from your shoulders to above your head with a leg drive to push it up, and a slight leg flexion at the end of the movement to receive the bar from below to help lift it.

PU - Pull Up or Push Up: Pull-ups or push-ups.

Ring dips: Triceps dips on rings.

RC - Rope climb: Climbing the rope with or without the help of the legs (this is the moment when we all feel like firefighters).

SDL - Sumo Deadlift: Deadlift with legs in a sumo position.

SDHP - Sumo Deadlift High Pull: Consists of performing a sumo deadlift, and after the bar reaches the hips, push and pull the bar with the arms up to the height of the chin.

SP - Shoulder Press: Strict shoulder press. Consists of lifting the bar from your shoulders to above your head solely with the strict force of your shoulders.

SN - Snatch: Snatch. Consists of lifting the bar from the floor to above your head in one motion. Additional versions include Hang Snatch (HS), Power Snatch (PS), and Squat Snatch (SS).

S&P - Split Jerk: Jerk. The technique is similar to the Push Jerk, with the difference that when flexing the legs to finish the movement, one leg moves forward and the other moves backward.

SQ - Squat: Squat.

S-ups: Sit-ups.

SU's - Single Unders: One turn of the jump rope in one jump.

Superman: A functional exercise that consists of lying face down, with legs and arms extended and lifted as high as possible so that the quadriceps and arms do not touch the ground.


T2B - Toes to Bar: Hang on the bar and touch the bar with your toes.

V-upsV crunches.

WBS - Wall Ball Shot: Throwing the ball to the wall.

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