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CrossFit Coach Bobby Cox

Bobby Cox

CrossFit Mentor

About him

Bobby may be the youngest member of the CrossFit ALTAFIT team, but he brings the technical knowledge of a seasoned coach to every class. From a young age, he learned the importance of hard work and has made it his mission to help others achieve their fitness goals. Under the motto "Driven by Results," Bobby provides encouragement, support, and expert instruction to every member of the CrossFit ALTAFIT community. With his unwavering dedication, there's no exercise he can't teach you and he'll always be by your side until you reach that first breakthrough.

Did you know..

Bobby is




Bobby is a well-rounded individual with a passion for adventure, good food, and learning. He loves to travel and hit the waves for a good surf session with his girlfriend. When he's not exploring new destinations, Bobby is dedicated to furthering his education and pursuing his interests in entrepreneurship. Whether he's discovering new cultures, catching a great wave, or studying the latest business strategies, Bobby is always on the go and making the most of every opportunity.

Fun Fact..

In his free time, he indulges in his adventurous spirit and likes to imagine himself as Indiana Jones, traveling the world in search of exciting new challenges. Whether it's exploring ancient ruins, tracking down lost artifacts, or simply going on a new outdoor adventure, Bobby's love for discovery and excitement is infectious.

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